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Ventricular catheters
are designed for temporary drainage of cebrospinalfluid (CSF), in order to reduce and control intracranial pressure.

External CSF Drainage Kit is designed for safe, temporary drainage of intracerebral fluid, and for regulation and monitoring of intracranial and intraventricular pressure. 

The lumbar catheter allows a continuous drainage and an accurate control of the spinal fluid pressure. The lumbar catheter kit is designed especially for the needs of neurosurgical  drainage procedures.

External Lumbar CSF Drainage Kit is designed for safe, temporary drainage of intracerebral fluid.

Sceuro Drain closed drainage system with manual low-vacuum regulation for a gentle drainage of blood and secretion following e.g. dissection of axillary lymph nodes or mammaplasty. Main fields of application: Abdominal Surgery, Mamma Surgery, Plastic Surgery , Neurosurgery

Antimicrobial E.V.D System

The new VentriGuard ventricular drainage system - developed together with neurosurgeons and nursing staff - serves to reduce and control intracranial pressure. The system offers new opportunities in infection prophylaxis under conditions that optimally combine patient protection and cost-effectiveness.

All 3-way stopcocks are welded to the drainage system to prevent disconnection. The system is accessed via the system port without using a cannula, thus significantly reducing the risk of infection.

The VentriGuard ventricular catheter meets all neurosurgical requirements for temporary CSF drainage while also optimising protection against infection caused by micro-organisms.

As a solution in order to control pathegens, the VentriGuard technology utilises minimal amounts of ionized silver, which are completely incorporated in a non-metallic porous molecular structure. The antimicrobial effect of silver against gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria has been impressively verified in specialist literature.

The catheter also offers further application benefits for the surgeon, due to the length markings in intervals of 1 cm and mandrin that reaches all the way to the tip of the catheter. This enables precise catheter placement in a simple way. Possible catheter dislocation ist prevented by the catheter connector which is fixed directly onto the scalp.

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