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Single-Use-Perforators for easier and safer perforation

The evoDrill series was specially developed for the highest requirements in the trepanation of skull openings. During the development, particular care has been tgaken to keep the perforator stable in its position, that it does not move on the skull bone. With an additionally optimized cutting geometry the cutting pressure could be significantly reduced to conventional perforators. The evoDrill series is available as a sterile packaged disposable product in eight different versions and provides the following benefits: 

- Reproducible skull perforation
- Integrated Dura protection
- Available in 8 various sizes for individual needs
- Highest infection control standards through gamma ray sterilization
- Ideal cutting geometry for controlled perforation
- Angled shape of the outer drill for safe bracing of evoDrill
- Safety belt: waisted shaft for perfect abrasion and smooth removal of the drill
- Universal Hudson fitting
- Positioning tip for non-skid spot drilling on uneven surfaces

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