K-Grup Medikal Teknolojik Sistemler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Worthy physicians, buisness partners and dear employees:

Since the beginning of our foundation in 2010,  K-grup's vision has always been  to supply permanent advantages by creating different variations. We are proud to say that the number distributorships by  world wide companies has been increasing .

Throughout our previous 5 year experience, we have had year of accomplishing our future plans and these have extended by increasing the operational profitability. Our aims are to expand this success in the next years to come and to create more value to our country, our locality and our shareholders.

Consequently, as past of the K grup family, we would like to say thank you to our dear emloyees, buisness partners and worthy physicians, who have taken part from the beginning of our foundation until to this day and shown effort and contribution in our successfull outcomes.

Our management approach:

Our Commitment:

İn addition to our responsibilities, on behalf of our costomers, employees, shareholders, buisness partners, competitors, society, humanity and K group, we observe the commitments that are listed below;

Commitment and transparency:

 To achieve the corporate governance with the consiousness of our value submission, respect to human kind, familiarity to the community and social commitment.


To create permanent advantages in fields of identification marks, technology, concepts, information, networks, intellectual and industrial properties.

Active heribilaty:

To put together a management approach in the settlement process that substantiates the incorporation and shared opinions.

Stratergic approach:

To manage our current buisness throroughly and to plan our future while providing the long term advantages.

Our legal responsibilities:

We lead our current overseas and domestic operations and procedures according to the Turkish government and international law. Additionally, we submit the correct and perceptible information to the lecit arranger foundation in time.

Our responsibilities towards our customers:

Focused on customer satisfaction, we work for our costomer needs and requests in the shortest possible timeand giving the most relevant answer with a proactive understanding. We submit to our costomers in the right time and in the conditions we promise and approach our costomers in a equally, respectful, honouring and kindly way.

Our responsibities towards employees:

We provide the employees their rights and for them to be used correctly. We approach the employees honestly and fairly and commite a safe and healthy working environment. For our employees individual development, we present the necessary applications, we support the forthcoming; consious about the socail responsibilities. We also sustain the subject about the employees volunteering to the appropriate social opperations. We guard the balance between the buisness life and personal life of an employee.

Our responsibilities towards suppliers and buisness partners:

We act humble and evenly just as we hope from a good costomer, show the necissary care to deliver our liabilities on time and  protect our buisness partners and supplier restricted information. 

Our responsibilities towards our competitors:

In an efficient way, we only compete with the legal and moral domains and avoid the unfair competition.

Our responsibilities towards the K GRUP:

Thanks to our honesty and professional capabilities, our buisness partners and costomers rely on us. We try to hold our reputition in the most professional way.

We represent our employment according to the companies policies, professional standards, the undertaking we give and the ethic rules and fulfil our reliability we perform and act upon our best.

İn the domains that we believe as a professional, we are authorized and will carry on being authorized and care to serve costomers.

We plan to work with employees, buisness partners and costomer that fit under the sincrity amd legality criterions. We will not work with the persons who harm the societies principles and environment.

We only state the companies views not our own views in the field about what is spoken to represent our company.

When we come across difficult circumstances that can hold K GRUP under risk, we first refer and consult to the appropriate staff and persue the right techniques and administrative information procedures.

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