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PMMA custom-made implant

A Special Service for serious cranial disconformities 

  • CRANOS is made entirely in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), a material that has been used for over 40 years in the medical field, the mechanical and biocompatible characteristics of which are perfectly well known.
  • The prosthesis has a radiopacity such as to allow for nexcellent control of the success of the operation using RX or CT.
  • PMMA offers considerable advantages over other materials.
  • Using the patient’s data, Tecres can offer a tailor-made prosthesis in a very short time. No more than one month must elapse between the defect’s evaluation by CT scan and the CRANOS prosthesis application. Possible bone growth may determine a reduced fitting of the prosthesis with respect to the gap.
  • CRANOS is a ready-to-use cranial prosthesis, which arrives in the O.R. already sterile.
  • There are no counter indications to the use of the commonly available screws or plates for fixing. The only recommendation is to place these at least 4 mm from the edge.
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